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Faculty Orthotics and Pedorthics

Faculty Orthotics and Pedorthics (Faculty O&P) is a division of Faculty Physicians Knoxville that works closely with patients and clinicians to provide high-quality orthotic and pedorthic services. Faculty O&P evaluates, dispenses, and fabricates durable medical equipment (DME) products specifically for the lower extremities. Currently, there are two Certified and Licensed Pedorthists, as well as an O&P coordinator with a cumulative 40 years of experience.

The goal of Faculty O&P is to provide the best DME products possible to enhance patients’ mobility and movement. Faculty O&P offers a large selection of footwear from some of the largest orthopedic shoe companies in the world that have been carefully selected based on their quality. Common medical conditions that can be improved with orthotics and pedorthics include plantar fasciitis, diabetic foot ulcers, calluses, pes planus/pes cavus, bunions, metatarsalgia, ankle instability, arthritis, Charcot foot, posterior tibial tendinitis, foot/ankle fusions, peroneal tendinitis among many more.

Orthopedist fitting individual orthopedic

Faculty O&P Specializes In:

  • Lower extremity biomechanical evaluations to correct, prevent, and treat abnormal ankle/foot arthrokinematics.
  • Gait assessments
  • Limb salvage through custom offloads and/or shoe gear
  • Custom diabetic inserts and orthopedic shoes
  • Prefabricated and custom lower extremity braces such as CROW boots, AFOs, etc
  • Prefabricated and custom foot orthoses
  • Brace modifications and refurbishing to extend the life of the DME equipment
  • Shoe and orthosis modifications to accommodate for deformities and prevent calluses/wounds
  • Foot orthosis modifications and refurbishing to extend the life of the foot orthosis
  • Pediatric prefabricated and custom foot orthoses and bracing


The pedorthists will work closely with each patient providing unlimited adjustments to any DME product. If, after multiple adjustments, the product is not satisfactory, the pedorthist will exchange the product or provide a refund.

If a custom product is not covered by insurance, such as custom foot orthoses, there is a 90-day money back guarantee if the product does not work after appropriate adjustments are made. All orthopedics shoes have a 30-day return policy, provided they are still in new condition.

A CROW is a Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker that has many uses, especially for limb salvage. It is used for Charcot foot and for wound offloading in limb salvage. This boot allows patients to walk while keeping all pressure off of a wound on their foot to promote healing but to also prevent muscle atrophy and cardiovascular complications from being non-weight bearing.

Yes, but if you are already established with another podiatry provider, you may continue care with your current provider. You will see one of the podiatry providers at Faculty Physicians Knoxville as they oversee the pedorthists, but they will not actively contribute to your podiatric care and will defer all care to your current provider.

Typically, a pair will last 2-3 years depending on the material it is made with. Refurbishing can help extend life.

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Faculty O&P is located at all three Faculty Physician Knoxville locations.

Ethan Haynes, C.Ped

Certified and Licensed Pedorthist

Knoxville and LaFollette offices

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